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Horse Buying Tips: The 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Buy the Right Horse for You

February 26, 2018 at 4:14 pmCategory:Horses | Pets

Whether you want to ride in an arena, at the trails or take part in shows, you want to shop for a horse in an effort to in shape your temperament, using competencies and using dreams for many years – possibly even an entire life.

You want to ensure you buy the horse that is right for you and ensure you are the proper individual for the pony.

Buying the wrong horse can be devastating – emotionally, financially and even physically.

Here are three of the largest errors new horse customers make and what you may do rather.

Mistake #1 – Buying Based on Emotions. With our emotional connection to those beautiful and sensitive animals it`s easy to permit our hearts rule our heads. Your buying decision requires careful concept and making plans.

You may additionally have desires of riding off into the sundown or prevailing the brilliant trophy with your trusty equine accomplice. You might be interested in the spirit of the young Thoroughbred (The Black Stallion) or Mustang (Spirit) or the aptitude of the Gypsy Vanner. But if your horse’s temperament or training does not fit your driving competencies or agenda, your desires will become a night time mare.

What to do as an alternative: Be very sincere about your riding abilities, horse knowledge and how regularly you’ll be capable of experience. Then studies distinct breeds and identify the temperament, size, conformation and personality that nice fits you, your competencies and your using dreams.

Even if he is no longer flashy or pretty, an older, slower horse makes a greater suitable partner for a inexperienced rider (young or vintage) or handiest has time to ride on week-ends. (Don’t fear, you’ll soon fall in love with him and suppose he is the most lovely horse on the planet.)

Mistake #2 – Buying based totally on ‘Potential” If the seller says that the horse has the ‘capability to… ‘ that means you`ll must positioned time and schooling into him. Since, maximum beginner riders do not have the abilties or the time essential to teach a horse to his complete capacity, they want to rent a expert teacher. That provides up to a huge financial cost and a whole lot of time before you may revel in using your own horse.

What to do alternatively: Look for a horse that already does what you want to do. Then, you could start doing what it’s miles you want to do along with your horse right away rather than standing on the side of the hoop being the proud owner.

Mistake #three – Not hiring an Expert as an advisor. You may think you will be saving some cash via going out on your very own to buy a horse. But it may cost a little you a lot more ultimately.

If you don’t have an experienced eye, you may in all likelihood leave out or brush aside capability behavioural or physical issues that could turn out to be larger troubles down the street.

While there are numerous true, legit human beings promoting horses, unfortunately a few horse sellers – like some used automobile salesman – are unscrupulous people who downplay (or cover) flaws, beautify attributes and simplest want to get your cash. But how do you recognize the difference?

What to do alternatively: Hire an professional as your consultant. Having a professional opinion from someone with out a emotional or financial attachment in your potential purchase is worthwhile. An expert can be your teach, instructor or some other experienced horse individual. Make positive that your Expert is informed approximately horses in addition to the area you need to ride in. He or she have to also be aware of your desires, talents and riding and horsemanship capabilities.

Bottom Line? Buying the right horse for you is important for ensuring a glad destiny for both you and your horse.

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